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One of the largest counties in the state, Reeves County has a vast landscape of towns, rolling plains, mountains and farmland that needs protection. Thanks to the oil and gas industry, we’re continuing to grow, but along with that comes a higher number of potential emergencies. By joining the RCESD team, you can make a difference!

Current Openings

We are hiring for the following positions:
Public Safety Dispatcher, Logistics Specialist, ESD Dispatch Lieutenant, Logistics Director, Fire Lieutenant, Assistant Chief of Fire Services, Fire Driver/Operator, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Captain, EMS Lieutenant, Chief Financial Officer.

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Volunteer Membership

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter or EMS provider, please download the application by clicking the link below and send it to the email address at the bottom of the application.

Download Volunteer Application


Currently we are hiring for the following positions!
• Emergency Medical Technician (Advanced EMT Preferred)
• EMS Provider Candidate (Cadet)
• Logistics Specialist
• Public Safety Dispatcher


• Apply on to posting of your liking.
• You will receive an email confirming your application.
• You will receive (2) attachments outlining the Written Exam, (R-PAT) Recruitment – Physical Agility Test and a Personal History Statement with a deadline.
• The Written Exam is a 100 question, 180-minute multiple choice, non-civil service general knowledge examination.
• The R-PAT is a Pass/Fail Recruitment – Physical Agility test.
• (5 Stations for EMS) (8 Stations for FIRE)
• Passing applicants, will be placed in applicant pool.
• Vetting Personal History Statements and Background.
• Expedited or Non-Expedited Interview.


Because the Districts understand the importance of those who give their time and labor to community service, the ESDs’ continue to support the community through District volunteer programs.