Dr. Everette Jackson

ESD 1 Board Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Term: 01/01/2024 to 12/31/2025

Dr. Everette Jackson was appointed to Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of the Reeves County Emergency Service District No. 1’s Board of Commissioners in March of 2022. Dr. Jackson originates from Ocala, Florida and has been a resident of Reeves County since 2020. Prior to moving to Pecos, Commissioner Jackson spent his adult life in Atlanta, Georgia and a Native American reservation in Arizona. He is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Reeves County Hospital District and the Administrator of the Outpatient Dialysis Clinic. Commissioner Jackson has an extensive healthcare background with over 10 years of practice as a Nurse and leader in various specialties including Public Health, Behavioral Health, Nephrology, and Medical/ Surgical Nursing. He attest much of his accomplishments to his educational journey consisting of Associate and Bachelor degrees in Nursing, a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management, and a Doctorate degree in Nursing Practice specializing in Systems-level Leadership. Dr. Jackson is also a Board Certified Advanced-Nurse Executive and a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Outside of work Commissioner Jackson is a self-proclaimed globetrotter spending much of his free time traveling locally and abroad.

Dr. Jackson shares his desire to join the Emergency Services Board as a commitment to his community and a dedication for sustainable services. “I’ve devoted much of my life to my career and would like to expand that passion and perseverance for the betterment of the Reeves County residents.” With experience serving indigenous, rural, and inner-city populations, he plans to embrace his medical and leadership knowledge for both Fire and EMS services. “On the Reservation I was responsible for the health and safety of over 35,000 community members analyzing their health trends and risk factors, and evaluating the effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of health services.” As a Board Member, Commissioner Jackson pledges to provide an active and reliable presence, efficient uses of resources, and devotion to the Reeves County Emergency Services mission.”

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