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About Us

One of the largest counties in the state, Reeves County has a vast landscape of towns, rolling plains, mountains and farmland that needs protection. Thanks to the oil industry, we’re continuing to grow, but along with that comes a higher number of potential emergencies.

The Emergency Service Districts Nos. 1 and 2 originated in August 2019 to provide fire and EMS services to Reeves County. The Districts are a local political subdivision governed by five appointed Commissioners and are primarily funded by property taxes.

The Districts are responsible for 2,626 square miles and approximately 17,000 residents as well as 2 major interstate highways.

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The Districts originated with one personnel member in 2019 and as the Districts were built, personnel consisted of Chief Officers.  As the Districts continue to grow, more and more personnel are being added.  The more personnel the District has, the better protection the ESDs’ give to Reeves County.

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The District Teams depend on the personalities and leadership styles of the employees. Having mutual respect, common goals and open communication will help make a successful team.

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Board Members

A Board of five commissioners governs each ESD. The Commissioners are appointed to two-year terms by the Reeves County Commissioners Court. The ESD Board of Commissioners is the source of authority and governance for each District and has final say over all matters affecting the ESD.

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Four divisions make up ESD 1 and 2. Emergency Operations, Administration, Career Development, and Asset Management.

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