Careful consideration to our surroundings went into the design of all ESD fleet.  Staff worked closely with manufacturers to ensure units were designed to withstand the rough terrains that exist within Reeves County.

Aerial Platform

  • 300-gallon water tank
  • 25-gallon foam cell
  • 100-foot aerial platform
  • Used for high rise building rescues and fires
  • High-angle rescue
  • Two-master stream nozzle

Industrial Snozzle

  • Industrial fire apparatus with 85-foot nozzle
  • Primarily for oil and gas fires
  • Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)
  • Master stream nozzle
  • 1,250-gallon water tank
  • 200-gallon foam cell

Heavy Rescue

  • Utilized specifically for heavy rescue
  • All hazards & Special Operations
  • HazMat incidents
  • Water Rescue
  • Rope rescue
  • Confine space
  • Structural collapse


  • Multi-purpose of incidents
  • Considered front line engine
  • Referred to as Pumper Tender
  • 3,000-gallon water tank
  • 25-gallon foam tank


  • Multi-purpose rescue operations
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Technical rescues
  • House fires
  • Secondary back-up engine for water supply

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

  • All-terrain brush truck
  • Specialized in wild land fires
  • Off-road utilization