Saving lives and property by exceeding expectations

Reeves County Emergency Service Districts No. 1 and No. 2 (RCESD) is a team of men and women who serve and protect the communities of Reeves County by providing Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

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A goal of the Districts is to create a partnership with the community meant to create and improve civic engagement.

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Commissioners & GOVERNING BOARD

A Board of five commissioners governs each ESD. These Commissioners are appointed to two-year terms by the County Commissioners Court. The ESD Board of Commissioners is the source of authority and governance for each District and has final say over all matters affecting the ESD.

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Employees & Volunteers

Employee Volunteer Programs are an effective vehicle for enhancing the Districts’ climate.

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Cover for Reeves County Emergency Service Districts Nos. 1 & 2
Reeves County Emergency Service Districts Nos. 1 & 2

Reeves County Emergency Service Districts Nos. 1 & 2

The professional & volunteer firefighters and paramedics of RCESD Nos. 1 & 2 are a team that helps protect the communities of Reeves County by responding to fires, hazardous incidents and medical emergencies at a moment's notice. 24/7/365

Thank you to Lt. Bishop for providing this water safety message.Don't let the desert fool you. Over the last few years, we have responded to multiple water rescue events within Reeves County. These rescues have occured at our lakes, pools, and during flashing flooding events. See MoreSee Less
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Who's ready to dive into adventurBalmorhea State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlifedlife? Discover the world's largest spring-fed swimming pool and cool off in the desert oasis! But before you make a splash, keep these water safety tips in mind:1️⃣ Always swim with a buddy.2️⃣ Observe posted signs and rules.3️⃣ Stay hydrated—drink plenty of water.4️⃣ Watch out for sudden changes in depth.5️⃣ Have fun and enjoy the natural beauty responsibly!Let's make it a safe and unforgettab#balmorheastateparkm#swimmingsafety##summerfunfety #SummerFun See MoreSee Less
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Yeehaw! 🤠 Who's ready forWest of the Pecos RodeoRodeo? 🐎🎉We're thrilled to announce that our paramedics and firefighters will be on site each day, ensuring safety and providing coverage for all the exciting events! 🚑🚒Pop Quiz: We all know that we're home to the world's first rodeo! But do you know the date? Leave your answer in the comments below!Curious about your Emergency Services Districts? Swing by our unit during the rodeo and chat with our team members. We're here to answer your questions and share more about how we serve our community.See you a#WestOfThePecosRodeo #CommunityHeroesc#emergencyservicesdistrictE#rcesd12S#firefighteri#paramedic2 #firefighter #paramedic See MoreSee Less
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🔧 Project Update🔧Earlier this week the Emergency Services Districts along with members of Texas Emergency Medical Task Force Region 9 and the Texas EMTF State Coordination Office met at General Truck Body in Houston to perform a mid-point inspection of our Multi-Patient Vehicle (MPV 9-03) which we first introduced to you in March of this year. We are excited to share that construction of this unit is progressing nicely with an expected completion date of July 2024. MPV 9-03 is designed to fulfill several critical missions, enhancing emergency response capabilities significantly:1. **Advanced Medical Transport and Evacuation for Large-Scale Events:** – The unit is equipped to handle the transport and evacuation of patients during major incidents or disasters, ensuring timely and specialized medical care.2. **Response to Mass Casualty Incidents:** – MPV 9-03 is prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to situations involving a large number of casualties, providing immediate medical support and coordination.3. **Incident Support Missions:** – Beyond medical transport, the unit supports various incident types where medical expertise and resources are required on-site.4. **First Responder Rehab:** – It serves as a resource for rehabilitating first responders, ensuring their health and readiness during extended operations.5. **Incorporation into Local and Regional Response Plans:** – The unit is integrated into local and regional emergency response plans, ensuring seamless coordination and utilization during emergencies.6. **Availability for State Activations:** – MPV 9-03 can be activated at the state level, ensuring it can respond to emergencies that exceed local capacities or require statewide coordination.7. **Key Capabilities:** – Operates on a 24/7 basis, ensuring readiness at all times. – Functions as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU), equipped with advanced medical equipment and personnel. – Capable of supporting up to 18 patients simultaneously, catering to diverse medical needs during emergencies.In summary, MPV 9-03 represents a versatile and essential asset in emergency management, providing critical medical transport, care, and support in various scenarios from large-scale events to everyday emergencies. See MoreSee Less
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🌧️☔️ We're looking forward to some much-needed rain and cooler weather headed our way. However, with these changes, comes the potential for flash flooding. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:1. **Stay Informed:** Keep an eye on weather updates and alerts from reliable sources.2. **Avoid Flooded Areas:** Do not walk, swim, or drive through floodwaters. Just six inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of water can sweep your vehicle away.3. **Turn Around, Don't Drown:** Never attempt to cross a flooded road or intersection. Find an alternate route.4. **Prepare Your Home:** If you live in an area prone to flooding, consider preparing your home by moving valuables to higher ground and clearing gutters and drains.Let's stay safe and enjoy the cooler weather res#safetyfirst#flashfloodawarenesshFloodAwareness See MoreSee Less
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